Analysis and predictions of the United Nations: four out of ten inhabitants of planet has no water today. About 4,000,000 people die annually due to the use of dirty water. Every day, 6000 of children under five dies from diseases caused by polluted water, apropos every 8 seconds polluted water kills a child on the planet. Polluted water causes 80% of all diseases and deaths in developing countries. For next 20 years, according to the Report of the United Nations, the average amount of water available to people will be reduced by one-third of the existing ones. Water deficit will reduce food production. It is certain that the sources of water are constantly decreasing due to population growth, pollutions and climate changes. Despite all the available analysis and warnings by relevant institutions at regional, national and global level, we continue to forget that every drop of water contains the essence of life and that our daily life is built on water and water formed from the very beginning of the World.

"Water is our common heritage, and everyone should be aware of its value. Taking steps to save water and use it with care is everyone's responsibility". Citation from the European Charter on Water